Oh, New York!

A twitter bot that misattributes epithets of other American cities to New York City. https://twitter.com/oh_new_york

A few years ago I went to visit my brother in New York and when he picked me up at the airport, I declared “It’s good to be back in New York! Bean Town! Sin City! The Windy City! The City of Angels!” and just kept going until I couldn’t think of any more epithets of other major American cities. I still do this every time I see him because I still think it is hilarious. In early 2018, Mouse Reeve tweeted out the wikipedia List of City Nicknames in the United States as a potential corpus for weird internet art and I immediately saw the potential and knew that I wanted to make a bot that would do variations on my dumb airport joke. This bot is made with Tracery and hosted on Cheap Bots, Done Quick!